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Dave Erickson Portland Auto ShowEveryman Driver has quietly become one of the must-popular Automotive Channels on Youtube with more than 120,000 subscribers and more than 40 million lifetime video views.  I’m positive my 15+ years as a TV News Anchor, Reporter and Videographer has something to do with our success.

During our first full year of operation (2013), we received 5.2 million video views with an estimated 20.2 million minutes watched.   In 2014, we more than doubled those numbers; 11.5 million video views and 43.9 million minutes watched.  In 2015, we reached 15.1 million video views and 52 million minutes watched!

Each month we reach a very targeted audience.  91% of our viewers are men and nearly 80% of our U.S. viewers are aged 18-44. Our average viewer retention rate is 3:39 (42%) per video.

In 2014, we began incorporating product placement and native advertising within our videos.  Our longest running partner is the Timex.  More than 50% of our videos feature either a watch, logo apparel or both in each car review video we produce.  We’ve also teamed up with Rudy Project sunglasses.  The number of impressions and overall exposure to the Timex and Rudy Project brand is well into the millions and continues to stimulate conversation below our videos.

Product Integration Examples:

Timex Hat & Jacket: 2014 Nissan Pathfinder vs 2014 Kia Sorento (312,000 views): Click Here

Rudy Project Sunglasses: 2016 Acura MDX AWD (64,000 views): Click Here

Timex Beanie: 2014 Honda CR-V AWD Car Review (229,000 views): Click Here

Rudy Project Sunglasses: 2014 Acura MDX AWD Review (127,000 views): Click Here

Timex Watch & Apparel: 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0 Turbo (184,000): Click Here

Designer Luggage Demo: 2014 Nissan Pathfinder Review (398,000 views): Click Here

Everyman Driver is fast becoming the go-to destination for consumers serious about purchasing a new vehicle but also a place for high quality, professional produced car reviews from an everyman’s point of view.  If you’re a business or brand interested in reaching our audience, we’d love to hear from you and send you a price sheet.  Contact me here:  Dave@DaveEricksonMedia.com


Everyman Driver is a production of Dave Erickson Media.

Everyman Driver is a production of Dave Erickson Media.

Everyman Driver is a production of Dave Erickson Media.

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